why 2021 M1 Chip iPad pro 11 is more better than iPad pro 12.9 for drawing beginners? | Graphic Designers

graphic design using ipad for graphic design beginners

2021 iPad is the high performance device designed by apple. And that ipPad pro have two size as 11 inch and 12.9inch. So mainly this devices are using to drawing arts and making some logos etc. So today we are talking about what’s the best one for graphic design beginners. The small iPad and big one have some difference features. But small one is enough for normal designer also. Because it’s have many options like big one also. Basically this devices focus to drawing apps like Procreate, Vectornator and Affinity Designer etc.

graphic design using ipad for graphic design beginners

Most graphic designers are using pc or mac. But some of designers are using the iPad for sketching also. So the big iPad is hard to handle and it’s not really portable. Not for all places. But it’s mainly based on home and office. Other thing is price difference. Also mainly display and brightness bit high on big one. Anyway 11-inch model is best for normal usage. It’s really cool and we can use it on bus, school, anywhere also. And that 11 model price is $799 and 12.9 is $1099. But 12.9 model is best for full time graphic designer and work on tab. His main work on tablet. But if you are’t doing artworks like art drawing, pencil art, oil painting etc. if you are mainly doing minimal things like logo design. 11 model is the best one for you

But if you are the professional graphic designer, and are you working like big projects like big artwork design, mascot logo design etc, you want that big model. Because it’s can be seen very detail and high quality. Because display size is large and brightness is high.

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