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Fiverr is the largest freelance platform in the world and many freelancers work on this site. Today I’m writing about the reason for gig suddenly going to the last page of search results. Actually, this is a common problem in this platform. Because some of the sellers are full-time working on Fiverr. This problem is very bad news for like those sellers. Today I’ll explain what’s the reason and how to fix that.

Why does a well performing gig go to the last page all at once?

After receiving the order, the seller always trying to complete it. And some the sellers are doing it a good or bad way. Fiverr systems always trying to giving the best experience on that platform. Always consider the overall quality of sellers, service, and delivery. After completing the order, this system informing private review/survey for new buyers. Because checking the buyer satisfaction and about that seller. In this private feedback will be com with notification and it has some points for selecting like “satisfied”, “Not satisfied” etc. Then the buyer can review that after giving a public review

That’s the main thing in that process. If you are getting a 5-star rating after completing an order, sellers thinking will not any problem with that buyer. But now you know, that’s not correct. Privet feedback is affecting your account directly. Some of the buyers are not giving positive feedback for that. After doing that you will get some score for your seller account. That’s score is really important to getting a good result and getting new buyers on this platform. That’s means directly affect your gig ranking. And if you got a 5-star positive rating or negative rating, Fiverr considered as that review for their full platform. Not only the seller account.

If this score drops very low level, your gig will go down. After that, you will be getting very low impressions like 5, 10, and very low clicks. You will not receive new customers, new order. And that’s the problem that will be added to all the gigs you have published.

How to rank last page gigs again?

This is the main point. And not easy to do that. Because that low score needs to get high. But you have more options to do. You can try them and you will get orders again from new buyers. And sometime again your gig will become to top result. But not sure about that and try to below options.

Change gig titles and description

This is the one thing to do. Because some time this option will be work better. Always try to make unique title and description on your gig. Share your gig and getting some traffic for your gig.

Getting some order from social or returning buyers

This is the second option and getting some orders from old buyers or getting some orders from your friend. Because this will be work better. And try to getting order from new account after complete the order, again can be gutting that privet feed back for new buyer accounts. Then always try to getting positive feedback from privet and public review.

Create a new gig

This is the last option to do. After going your gig to the last page, You can create a new gig within new titles and make all of the things more unique. After doing that you will have some of the chance to getting good impression count and clicks etc. And again make sure to get some order from new buyers or your friends. Then you can see your gig impressing are will be getting high results and clicks. Also, make the buyer request.

How to prevent Giga from reaching the last pages?

This is actually good way to become good seller and getting order, levels. And top-rated badge etc. We can explain this witching some points.


Fiverr always trying to provide the best experience on the platform. Always thinking about the buyer’s side. Some time buyer will be wrong. But always they are customers on Fiverr. You need to keep that buyer on Fiverr without going to another. So you can improve your communication better, always trying to giving good feelings to your buyers like you are best friend.

Use emoji with your chat. Because emoji will help to give the best feeling of your message. also, use a quick response to fatly replying. But make sure that message always matches the buyer requirement and message. In other words, communication is the king. Then you can keep your buyers always. and getting positive reviews. But never asking positive reviews from buyers. And never chat within the double meaning word for buyers. some the buyers like to it. But not all. So simply explaining the process and working without wasting their time.

Revisions and Delivering

When the buyer was asking for the revisions, please do it without any hesitation. Because buyers are like to that. If you have any suggestions for the buyer, please do that immediately. You can easily win their trust and you will get their all projects without going to others.

Delivery is the second thing. Always deliver correct files and explain your service and files (if the buyer doesn’t know about all). And trying to giving some gifts like the free mockup, covers, etc. Then you can impress your buyers and definitely you will get positive reviews from your buyers.

Order cancellations and reviews

Always try to reduce your order cancellations and try to get positive reviews. you need happy your buyers and don’t think always about money. You need to balance all. Then you are the man of that game. always try to give the best service. Then you will win all.

Buyer satisfaction

This is the main part of a win on Fiverr. If you can always happy your clients, your gig getting high ranking, you can use beta options and more things. Communication is the main part of the satisfaction of buyers. And the second thing is your quality work. After completing the order, some buyers come again for a few changes. If it’s not a big change, don’t ask for money for them and your buyer will be really happy. Buyer satisfaction is the main thing.

Fiverr is the best place for quality freelancers to make money online. Always think about your buyers and you will be getting good news always from Fiverr. This concept will be to work on any platform or business. If your customers are always happy, you can win all.

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