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Anyone likes to find their favorite and like music from the internet or something. Many music videos and sound clips are releasing in the world. But we can’t find music without a name or lyrics. But if we have the option to finding the music name by sound? In other words, if we have a platform for searching for music without a name? Actually, that’s awesome and very easy. Today I’m talking about how to search for music without a name.

This is actually a very advanced platform in the world and you can experience this within android and iOS apps. Shazam is the most popular and most trusted mobile app for recognizing music. Now this company joined apple company and continues working for improving music discovery. And you can search for billions of music from this app. And many peoples are using this app for finding music.

How to use shazam app

How to use shazam app
Interface of Shazam app

First, download the Shazam app for your android or iPhone and open it.

Then you can see the bumping round with the Shazam logo, Tap on it and wait for the listening the music from that app. or long-press for the auto shazam. With a long press that, you can search for sound playing on your mobile. Because then your app automatically listening to every sound and find the music within a few seconds

Advantages of shazam music searching app

You have many advantages from this application. Because within apple combination, this platform has been updated within very advanced futures

  • You can find billions of music in the world within a few seconds.
  • Have 2 options (Tap to shazam, Long press to auto shazam) and the first one can be useful for search outside sounds, and the second one good for searching your device sounds.
  • After searching the music, directly you can open from apple music, share that and add to the library of that app
  • You can access this app on your smartwatch also.
  • Lastly, you can search for music withing typing the keyword also.

So this is the main point and a very easy way of searching for music within a few seconds without using the lyrics. Personally, I have got many songs from this app and I think this app will be very useful for you and your friends also. Share with them and comment your experience.

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