The Most Important Ways to improve your customer satisfaction on Fiverr


High-quality customer satisfaction is the main goal and really important achievement for small and big businesses. On the Fiverr platform, customers are calling as buyers. And buyer satisfaction is the main point of success for sellers on Fiverr. That buyer will be repeat buyers and you will get the great value of your business. If you sell a product or service on Fiverr or any other business, customers will pay you and they will always look for good service and product. So sellers should kindly understand what they are looking for and provide the best customer service. Any marketers or business owners today measure customer satisfaction. Also, buyers need to impress the first time coming to your profile or see your product or service. Sellers should be trying to giving a first impression as great and genuine service.

Why customer satisfaction is important to the business?

The main point is that customers are leads to repeat sales with loyal customers. Some buyers are referring you to their friends and you will get more sales definitely. The Fiverr platform has a feedback process for sellers and buyers to showing ratings on the gig. So that rating is very important to rank the gig and Fiverr has a private feedback option for buyers also. if not that buyers are satisfied with your service, you will get a low rating, and gigs will be hidden or going to the last pages. So any of customers are measuring about business with positive ratings or negative ratings.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

listen more than hearing to customers

Always your customer satisfaction is your success. That’s really beneficial for your business. Try to listen to their need clearly and if you don’t do that, you can’t getting a good idea about what they are looking for exactly. You need to give a good feeling for buyers. By listening you can explain what are the best options and what is a good idea for them. However, in the end, you have to give your customers what they want.

Always Be responsive better and confident

Fiverr platform counting your average responsiveness and keep your response rate 100% and response time 1 Hrs. Because it’s very important for your new buyers and they are showing your response time. Buyers don’t like to wait a long time. The instant reply is a good thing and uses a quick response for replying fast. Keep mind that quick response does not match with all new buyer and response with a relevant message.

And some companies are using tools for tracking the conversations. You need to keep buyer confidence and providing the best service. You need a message quick and quality with prompt answers. Then your customers are really happy with you. If you can’t quick enough, they are hiring or finding other persons to work with them and maybe you are ignoring them.

Asking the Right Questions

This is most important and sometimes sellers are not considering it. Buyers don’t like to fill many requirements and always they are looking for a good product or service. So you need to ask the right question for doing your job better. And always explain what are you doing and how many days etc. However, if haven’t information enough, immediately contact the buyer and asking your info without wasting your and the buyer’s time. Peoples are like to quality with quick work.

Personalize Wherever You Can

Buyers and customers like to be called by their names. They love it and then they feel important to you. So usernames are key to finding the buyer’s name and, if you can’t guess the name, calling using the “Hi there”, “Hi”, “Hello”. That’s enough for them. Because sometimes they are don’t use their name for username and, using the logo name or brand name, etc. However, if that buyer username is “srini453”, that’s not good for calling him.

First contact

Quick reply and after getting the order, you can immediately message to the buyer, “I’ll work on your project soon and delivered within 1 day “or something. Then your buyers feel that he is important to you and respected.


With working on the projects, make sure the customers need to feel they are on top of your other customers. If you have time, congratulate customers on their birthdays or wish to festival days of some time you can say good night, etc. But do not overdo it. Make them feel like you are a good friend.

Treat every customer as a VIP

Always try to deliver high-quality work and providing excellence. Make feel they are top-level and assist them for real help. keep your promises and if you can give a bounse for them, after complete the project also.

Correct and clear Gig Title and Description

This is a good point for getting a good idea of your service. Clearly explain all processes in the description and make sure what you are providing exactly on the title. And if you like to add a Money Back Guarantee in your gig, it’s is a good thing for the collect buyer. But some buyers cancel the order after getting files. So I do not recommend this if you don’t like to provide a refund easily. But try to say giving revisions more than you are providing. Because buyer like to it and they want to perfect product from you.

Say about check the description with your gig images and samples also. Because then your buyers can easily understand what’s your working style. And make sure you are providing service as you explain in your gig. The video is the best way for knowing your buyer what you do exactly also. Title and descriptions need to have good grammar and easy to understanding. Because all peoples are not perfect with English. If your customers are ordering without knowing all things, maybe you will get a low rating.

Delivering the order and delivery message

Even if your final product is great. Your delivery style needs to perfect too. Make sure feel to them, Buyers are special to you. Tell them about you are working very happily and like to work in the future again. Don’t forget to mention, if they have any changes, you are ready to do it immediately.

Sometimes using the zip file for sending all files at once. But some buyers are confused with that Because they don’t know about it and some peoples using smartphones to open them. So you should be explained about it and how to open them also. Use the mockup for showing your design product better. Because mockups are really good for giving the first impression better.

Use emoji

emoji is a great way to feel your situation correctly. Because the only message can’t understand the exact situation. But do not overdo it. The buyer doesn’t like to spam. So use a happy face etc for your first messages also. In another word, you should be giving the feel of friendly service. 🙂

But using the haha reaction, it’s not good for all buyers, and sometimes misunderstanding that. Carefully about that.

Respond to buyer reviews

Always respond to all reviews left by the customers. But don’t use thank you for all. Because it’s the basic message and use some great review for the buyer. Because it’s showing their accounts.

This is some example of buyer review

Great buyer, very easy to work with. thank you for your order and looking forward to work with you!

Giving advice

If you have time, please offer free advice for your buyer. Definitely, they are happy with you. For example, if you are delivering a source file of any design, help to find fons or how to open that source file.
Peoples are using android and iOS app and devices. Sometimes your file may be not working on those devices. So help them to solve them. And in some cases, your buyers will come back within a few days later, Don’t hesitate to help them.

Final Thoughts

Actually, customer satisfaction is on some levels. And it’s a unique thing and changing with different peoples. Make sure to treat everyone well in general. However, you can’t hope all of the buyers satisfied 100%. Because peoples are not thinking the same. It changes with religion, country, culture, etc. also. So if you need to improve your business or personality in your industry, Customer satisfaction tips are very important to you.

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