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Logo and images are very valuable in the graphic design industry. But some peoples Stealing images and logos from google or stock image websites. This problem has a freelancing website also. After download your design, you will go to the trademark that design. But you can’t register those images or logos. Maybe that designs copyright or already exist on the internet. Today I explain how to check if your logo or images already exists.

Also, if you are a designer, you should consider this. Maybe parts of your design already on the stock website or internet. So you can test your design copyright with the following options. Today you can know 2 methods to solve this problem.

Reverse image search on Google image search

Google image search for logo and image copyright checking
Google image search

This is the very basic and popular method for reverse your designs. This service providing by google search engine. Normally we are searching text on the google search engine. But you know, Google has a google image searching option. You can see two sections. first, one is Paste image URL and the second one is Upload an image. So drag and drop your image or browse your image from your pc or mac. Then you can check your design already exists or not.

Reverse Image Search from TinEye

TinEye image revers for checking logo copyright

This is the second option for searching and reverse your images. TinEye is a very good option and they are using very advanced technology for tracing images. Normally they are searching over 44 billion images within a few seconds. And this website can be used as a logo copyright checker. They have very unique technics for finding the same images and you will show links or source of that result. You can use this tool for searching the same high-quality images. Also, you can easily check the colors, shapes. In other words, they can be identifying duplicate content very fast.

So this is the main options for logo copyright checking and images copyright checking easily. Also you can use ICPBB code for checking logo copyrights

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